volunteers Application form


This form is to sign up as a volunteer for the staff team. Bigger events are not possible without a wide coalition of volunteers and we are grateful for any help we can get!


Volunteers will be given access to TO areas and rooms as well as food and drinks during the whole time of the event. A handpicked team will be picked from the volunteer pool and given more responsibility. 

Furthermore every volunteer is allowed to suggest and organise a side-event on their own if doable (e.g. Werewolf sessions, ladder, combo contest, etc.)

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.



You are experienced with commen-tating competitive Smash? Or you wish to become a caster?

Apply now for a seat spot in front of the camera !


An event is only as good as the organizing team behind it. Do you want to be a part and help, too?

Get free food and drinks for the whole weekend !