"Piece of cake."

- Falco Lombardi, 20XX

Smash valley

A competitive school trip

Smash Valley is coming back and it will be bigger than before ! With a new and bigger event hall to hold the competition in and more available rooms, be prepared for 4 days of Smash Bros. Wii U and Melee, party games such as Werewolf and Mario Party, contests and more !


tea time

Smash Valley feat. German crew "Piece of Cake"

The featured crew this time dedicates the theme of the whole event.

In addition to their endeavor to always give their best in the competitive Smash scene and improve constantly, they also cherish easy and respectful interactions within the crew and other players.

Not only defined by simply being a crew but a family, together we will make sure that you will have the best time in Germany !


Plus there will be a literal piece of cake for everyone at Smash Valley !

Haus wasserburg

On-site bed rooms and free food !

We return back to "Haus Wasserburg", a hostel located just outside Koblenz in the quiet village Vallendar. This multi-level building offers enough space for over 150 players to gather, play and relax with and without Super Smash Bros.


Share your room with friends in either 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-bed rooms !


NEW !   This year Smash Valley offers free breakfast and dinner from Saturday to Monday morning for all participants! Only for a limited period per day and only while supplies last.

final chapter: 4th event

Participate in the last German Smash 4 Circuit


The #FinalChapterCircuit is the last German Smash 4 Circuit, hosted by Team Calyptus and partnered with various TOs to unite the German scene to celebrate the end of Smash 4.


Smash Valley will be the 4th event included in the circuit. Earn points to rank up on the circuit leaderboard by placing well in our tournament.

Compete against the best German players and climb up to the top spot #1 on the leaderboard !



You are experienced with commen-tating competitive Smash? Or you wish to become a caster?

Apply now for a seat spot in front of the camera !


An event is only as good as the organizing team behind it. Do you want to be a part and help, too?

Get free food and drinks for the whole weekend !